Rules, Guidelines and Schedule 2021


Electric Boats Under 8 metres
Electric Boats Over 8 metres
Commercial Passenger Electric Boats

New Categories

Customized / DIY Electric Boat
Electric Sailboat

Criteria for Production Boats Categories
  • Main propulsion must be electric
  • Can include other non fossil fuel propulsion methods as secondary propulsion (i.e. sail)
  • Fossil fuel propulsion as secondary propulsion does not meet criteria: a ‘hybrid’ boat that uses fossil fuel for propulsion does not meet the crtieria UNLESS it is offered for sale to the public in an all-electric version
  • At least one production model sold
  • Commercial Passenger Electric Boats must have at least one vessel in operation
  • Only one model per Category per Manufacturer
  • Previous Gussies Winners not eligible for 2021 Awards

Where appropriate and entries warrant it, these categories have awards for Production Boats and electric boats In Development.

Criteria for DIY /Customized Electric Boat
  • Main propulsion must be electric
  • No fossil fuel propulsion or generation
  • Only one model per Category per Owner
Criteria for Electric Sailboat
  • Main propulsion sail/wind
  • Seocndary/auxiliary propulsion all electric.
  • Online voting will take place on
  • Awards calculated through public vote with weighted industry vote:
  • 80% public vote  /  20% industry votes
  • An International Industry Judging Panel  with representatives from Electric Boat Associations and other organizations promoting electric propulsion will have individual votes that together will amount to 20% of total votes
Timing / Schedule

May 26, 2021: Nominations Accepted
June 16: Preliminary Round Voting Begins
July 6: Final Round Voting
July 27: Results Announced

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