International Industry Judging Panel

The first Gustave Trouvé Awards were determined solely by a public internet vote, a format and method that was arrived at in part because of the extraordinary circumstances of 2020.

For the second Gussies a panel of international judges has been introduced. Each of the judges will select one boat in each category, exactly as members of the voting public do, but the votes of the judges will be weighted so that they accumulatively amount to 20% of the total vote (including those of the panel members).

We welcome the expertise and knowledge of the representatives of these organizations and thank them for their votes in the Trouvé awards and their contributions to the advance of electric boats and boating. We encourage you to support them in their work.

Judging Panel: Electric Boat Organizations

Electric Boat Association
The EBA was established in London, England, in 1982, and is the largest organisation in the world dedicated to electric boats and boating. The EBA champions the interests of electric boat owners. We’re here to help with issues such as waterway access, charging points, slipway facilities, reduced licence fees and the Boat Safety Scheme. Members also enjoy meeting up and talking kilo watts.
Representative: Tim Knox, Executive Director

The Electric Boat Association of America
The Electric Boat Association of America was formed in 1992 to gather those dedicated to the enjoyment and promotion of clean and quiet electric boating. Goals include being an educational arm and information source for electric powered boating issues, representing electric boaters in matters of environmental protections and regulations and providing a forum for sharing experience and advice on electric boat related projects.
Representative: Tom Hesselink, President

L’Association Française pour le Bateau Electrique / The Electric Boat Association of France
The AFBE was created in 1994 in Bordeaux by partners from different professional backgrounds – academics, researchers, engineers and industrialists – to promote and develop the domestic and international marketing and awareness of France’s electric boat industry.

The Electric Boat Association of Greece
The Electric Boat Organization of Greece – EBA Greece was founded in Greece in 2016 to promote the development of electric boats and to serve the needs of all those who have an interest in the field of electric boats and ships, such as boat owners or members and business owners dealing with the specific construction sector.
Representative: Andreas Apostolopoulos, Executive Director

Swiss Association for Zero Emission Boats
The objectives of the Association, among others, are to promote the design, construction and use of zero emission boats. They encourage individuals to shift to sustainable boating and professional to equip their marinas with electric and / or hydrogen infrastructures. The association works also with the public authorities to increase the shift to zero emission boats. Once a year, the association organize a Swiss Tour to showcase developments in the field of zero emission boats. The public and guests can discover the latest innovations in electric and hydrogen boats, test them and enjoy the pleasure of sailing without any noise or pollutant emission.
Representative: Sue Putallaz, Chairwoman

Electric Boat Association of Canada
The Electric Boat Association of Canada was formed in 2018 by a group of boating enthusiasts who are concerned about the use of fossil fuels for transportation and are excited about the possibilities of boats and ships powered by electricity. It advocates for policies, incentives and programs that will encourage use of electric propulsion in the country with the world’s longest coastline.
Representative: George Lougheed, Member of Founding Committee

Unser Finowkanal: Friends of the Finow Canal
Germany’s Finow Canal contains twelve historic locks that capture the region’s technological and cultural heritage. The Friends of The Finow Canal Initiative lobby for the survival and preservation of this important waterway and its so future generations will be able to travel down the thundering water of one-thousand tons of Finow Canal water at each stage.
Representative: Hartmut Ginnow-Merket

Venice Agenda 2028
VeniceAgenda2028 is an N.G.O. working with Venetians to transform the city’s  motorised waterborne traffic, particularly its public transport, from diesel/petrol engines to zero emission electric propulsion. The goal is to ensure that by the year 2028, all motor boats including water-buses, taxis, work and private boats are all zero-emission, low wash electric boats. The Venice e-Regatta of electric boats will take place May 29 to June 6 at the Salone Nautica Venezia (Venice Boat Show).
Representative: Kevin Desmond, Founder

Judging Panel: Past Gussies Winners

Cantiere Ernesto Riva: Italy

Daniele Riva is the seventh generation of the Ernesto Riva shipyard, started in 1771 on the shores of Lake Como in Italy. Their elegant wooden e-Commuter ‘Ernesto’ took home the 2021 Gussies Award for Excellence in Electric Boats Under 8 metres – In Production. A master shipwright himself, Daniele maintains the shipyard’s historic reputation for being the epitome of hand craftsmanship while also marrying the cantiere’s classic design philosophy to the latest electric propulsion technologies.

ecomarine: Bangladesh
ecomarine was formed by Capt. Abdullah Al Mahmud and associates to help conserve nature through the use of renewable energy for water transports. The company’s refitted sightseeing boat in Dhaka, ‘IRON’, was winner of the 2021 Gussies in the newly introduced Customized/DIY category. Abdullah is a Master Mariner with more than 30 years experience both in shipbuilding and in commanding ocean going vessels.

Freepower Solar Boat: Norway
Martin Bjurmalm is the founder of Freepower Solar Boats in Norway, winner of the 2021 Gussie for Electric Boats Under 8m – In Development. A specialist in mechanics and electronics, Martin was working in the oil and gas industry in 2012 when he became a father for the first time and began to think of the consequences of fossil fuel consumption. After watching a documentary about Steve Jobs he was inspired to pursue his dream of a fossil-fuel-free autonomous boat and started the company and development of the electric Freepower Solar Boat.

Lamarca Engenharia: Brazil
Sérgio Lamarca is the Technical Director of Brazil’s Lamarca Engineering, which won the 2022 Gussie for ‘Commercial Passenger Electric Boat – In Development’ with their Zero Emission Double Ended Ferry. Lamarca collaborates with the Brazilian Society of Naval Engineering in the committees for the decarbonization of maritime transport and the production of renewable energy, with a focus on new electric and hybrid propulsion solutions that include batteries, photovoltaics and hydrogen fuel cells.

Maid of the Mist  /  ABB: USA
In 2020 the world famous Maid of the Mist ferries that take visitors to the base of Niagara Falls worked with ABB to ‘go electric’ and won the 2021 Gussie for Commercial Passenger Boats – In Production. ABB Marine and Ports Vice President Ed Schwarz has over 20 years of experience in the maritime industry and received the United States Merchant Marine Academy’s Admiral McCready Award in 2020 for his work employing new technologies including all-electric zero-emissions vessel propulsion.

Navalt: India
Sandith Thandasherry is the founder of Navalt, an eco-marine technology company that is a one-stop shop for everything “Green Marine’ and a driving force behind the Indian maritime industry’s transition to solar and zero-emission propulsion. The Aditya solar commuter ferry, winner of the 2020 Gussies for Commercial Passenger Boats, was introduced in 2017, and its success prompted the State Water Transport Department of Kerala to replace all 48 diesel ferries with solar-powered vessels. Navalt also manufactures solar-powered fishing boats and general workboats and has a data science division providing performance analytics services to some of the world’s largest shipping companies.

Silent-Yachts: Austria
Solar-pioneers Heike und Michael Köhler founded Silent-Yachts in 2004 and built their first pure solar powered boat in 2009 with their findings from over 15,000 nautical miles of sailing research and experimentation. The company now offers a full range of customizable solar electric catamarans ranging from 60 feet to 120 feet with more than 50 boats sold thus far. Their iconic Silent 60 was the 2021 Gussie Award winner for Electric Boats Over 8m/26 ft – In Production.

Swiss Sustainable Yachts: Switzerland
Swiss Sustainable Yachts was founded in 2018 and is working with a team of top international experts from various fields who shared the vision of a modern and smart power catamaran with superior performance, design and comfort, in tune with its environment and free from vibrations and fumes. The realization of that vision was the AQUON One, which incorporates solar, battery and hydrogen fuel cell technology and was awarded the 2021 Gussie for Excellence in Electric Boats Over 8 metres / 26 feet: Ready for production.

Sunreef Yachts: Poland
Sunreef Yachts was founded in Gdansk in 2002 by electrical equipment magnate Francis Lapp and is now the world leader in the design and construction of large, customized luxury catamarans. The company launched its Eco line of electric and hybrid power yachts in 2019 with brand ambassador Nico Rosberg and the 60E won the 2021 Gussie for Electric Sailboats. There is now a full range of both sailing and power boats in the Eco line, including the Sunreef 80 with its innovative solar skin.

ZEN Yachts: Spain
Julien Mélot is the CEO of ZEN Yachts and the winner of the 2020 Gussies Electric Boat Over 8 metres category for his solar-electric catamaran ‘Aquanima’. He holds a Master’s Degree in Naval Architecture from the University of Lisbon and is passionate about using clean energy technologies, sustainable high resistance materials and innovative nautical design to build a world where humans can sail on zero-emission boats, yachts, and ships, leaving no polluting trace of their passage in their wake.

Zodiac Nautic: France
Zodiac Nautic was originally the Zodiac airships and aviation French company, which was founded in 1896 and specialized in the production of airships. In the 1930s one of its engineers developed a prototype for an inflatable boat and the company is now the world leader in inflatable products and services with millions of Zodiac owners in 90 countries. The inaugural 2020 Gussie Award for Excellence in Electric Boats Under 8m / 26 ft was awarded to the Zodiac Nautic eJet 450 Tender.

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