Congratulations to the Winners of the 2022 Gussies

The Gustave Trouvé Awards for Excellence in Electric Boats and Boating – colloquially known as ‘The Gussies’ – were started in 2020 as an initiative by electric boat website Plugboats to recognize the inventors, designers, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and visionaries who are making advances every day to develop clean, quiet, zero emission technologies and designs to reduce reliance on fossil fuel for marine propulsion.

It is the only international boating award that focuses exclusively on electric boats and boating.

The awards are named to honour one of the first visionaries of electric boating, French inventor Gustave Trouvé, who created the world’s first electric outboard boat motor – in fact the world’s first outboard boat motor of any technology – in May of 1881.

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2022 Gustave Trouvé Awards for Excellence in Electric Boats and Boating.

Excellence in Electric Boats Under 8 metres / 26 feet (includes boats 8m)
In Production

Faro 5
Faroboats | eBlue Boat
A full electric luxury boat from Faroboats and designed by Tomás Costa Lima, The Faro5 can be combined with its solar-powered docking station, turning it into a fully self-sustainable solution. The battery capacity is enough for an 8 to 10 hours ride. The boat can be delivered with different engine packages, so that in most countries you can get a license-free model. Outboard motors are mainly the innovative shaftless propeller solutions from RimDrive Technologies in the Netherlands. Altogether a highly innovative boating solution for the leisure market.
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Category Finalists: Chill, Electricat 450 Speedy, Elwood 550e HT, e-Qruiser 600, Greenwaves 630X, Magonis Wave e-550, Marian M800 Spyder, MY Tramonto, Pixii SP800, Silennis S010, Venmar Respiro-Harmo, Vita Seal, X Shore 1

In Development
Aurora Sport
Engenharia Lamarca

The Aurora Sport has an ergonomic design with low noise and vibration, will be made with recyclable materials and propelled with a 15kW permanent magnet electric motor and battery system. The hull has been optimized using CFD Analysis (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to increase the hydrodynamic efficiency for a reduction in required power, and a lower acquisition and overall operational cost. LOA: 5.8m
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Category Finalists: Epoch Hydrofoil Electric Boat, GOT Marine Workboat, Solar Sal 24, Spider Foiler, Strømsø lectric Folkboat, Symphony 24 House Cat

Excellence in Electric Boats Over 8 metres
In Production
Candela 8
Candela Boats

The C-8 is a long-range, all-electric hydrofoiling craft that travels silently above the water surface,  designed to be the most efficient boat ever built. At 20 knots, the energy usage per nautical mile is just 0.8 kWh – the energy content of just 0.1 liter of gasoline. With a proprietary double pod motor and technology that adjusts the hydrofoils hundreds of times per second to provide the smoothest ride imaginable, the Candela C-8 is one of the best-selling premium boats in Europe – including ICE powered boats.

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Category Finalists: Avalon, Elwood 950e Mid Cabin, Goldfish X9, HY BO 31 LRC (Long Range Cruiser), Pure Pontoon Boat, ZEN50

In Development
SILENT 120 Explorer

A 120 foot ocean-going solar electric catamaran from one of the pioneers of electric boating, the SILENT 120 Explorer is an homage back to the days when the brave were constantly seeking unknown horizons. The same way it took an unbroken adventurous spirit to explore the seven seas beyond the limit of one’s imagination, it took a lot of courage to envision and develop the solar electric drivetrain. A fearless attitude is required either way. As such, the SILENT 120 Explorer is more than a yacht – she is the boldest expression of electric solar powered yachting yet.

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Category Finalists: Edorado 8S, EE38 Elegance 38, HYBOVA 42, Uguana Foiler, Optima E10, Soel Senses 62

Electric Sailboats
Sunreef 80 Eco

Sunreef Yachts

The Sunreef 80 Eco is an eco-responsible luxury craft combining electric propulsion, superyacht living spaces, reliable sailing performance and the latest green technologies. Sunreef’s proprietary solar skin power system, covering a total area of 164m² solar panels, can be integrated with various composite structures of the yacht including the mast, boom, superstructure and hull to generate up to 45.5kWp. The all-electric Sunreef 80 Eco is fully-autonomous and uses revolutionary green tech for fuel-free cruising in total silence and luxury.

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Category Finalists: Domani S30 Sport Yacht, Elan E6, Pegasus 50 Globe Electric, Saffier SE27 Leisure, Smaragd, Spirit 30, Vaan R4, X-Yachts X4⁹E

Customized / DIY Electric Boats
Drivetrain: Rikard Wildare | Boat: C.G. Pettersson

A classic Swedish mahogany dream, carefully retrofitted with the most beautiful electric drivetrain on the market. Elektra is almost 100 years old, designed by C.G. Pettersson, Sweden’s most prominent boat designer. All new wood is solid mahogany and teak. All parts in the drivetrain are designed in-house, CNC-machined from aluminum and anodized. She runs like a dream and captures everyone’s attention with her sleek lines and appearance. A very efficient hull that has inspired many of today’s electric boats.10Kw • 20Kwh battery • (Second life Audi e-tron) Max Speed:9 knots Range: 40 Nm at 6 kn.

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Category Finalists: Clarabelle, Einar 425, Harvest, Luné Pocket Yacht, MV Dolphin, Ohm’s Law, Oranje Nassau, Riva Ariston, Romandi I, Solarly II, Tongass Mist, VMTI Hellkat 32, Volta Marinette, ΖΩΗ-Zoe (life)

Electric Workboats
Navalt Solar & Electric Boats

Electric catamarans are the wave of the future, and Navalt is ‘leading the charge’ in India and worldwide. Their new SRAV solar-electric catamaran is empirically designed to revolutionize commercial fishing by minimising operational expenditure and increasing fishing profit margins substantially. Powered by MAKO 12 kW electric motor, SRAV can gallop through the sea at an astonishing speed of 8 knots—making it faster than any other boat in its class. SRAV makes fishing much easier and more profitable for its owners – and provides a cleaner aquatic environment for everyone.

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Category Finalists: Astrid Helene, Cargo 31, i-Boat, RS Electric Boats Pulse 63, Sea Cleaner 400, Sparky, Tideman RBB 700 OB, Water Witch Versi-Cat, 

Commercial Passenger Electric Boats
In Operation
Kochi Metro 1

Cochin Shipyard • India
Echandia • Sweden

Kochi Water Metro is an integrated water transport solution for the southern city of Kochi in India. The project will be the largest water transport system in the world under a single command and control operating as an urban transport system with 78 boats and 38 terminals over 76 route kilometres. The first 100 Passenger boats have been delivered by Cochin Shipyard working with Echandia energy storage solutions. When the full non-fossil fuel water transport system is implemented in 2035 it will reduce carbon and pollutant emissions by 16,650 tons each year.

»» Kochin Metro website

Category Finalists: Bangkok River Boats, Flying Fish 37 Electric, Ika Rere, Indra, Marilyn Bell 1, Q24 Club, Soel Shuttle 14, Solaris Sal 44, Tyco Brahe

In Development
MobyFly 30
MobyFly • Switzerland

MobyFly hydrofoil boats are fast, transporting 12 to 300 passengers comfortably above the waves at speeds in excess of 70 km/h, with an efficiency requiring up to 70% less energy than current diesel ferries. MobyFly’s largest and most ambitious boat (30m) is designed to carry up to 300 passengers utilizing computer-controlled flight systems at the leading edge of this technology that have been race tested in extreme real-world conditions. MobyFly’s first two boats (10m and 18m) will be powered by rechargeable electric batteries with proven reliability.

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Category Finalists: Artemis EF-24, Beluga, Candela P-12 Shuttle, Electra, Q30 Limousine, Sea Change

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